Wednesday 6 January 2016

These names aren't so sweet anymore

The names of storms have been released. This is because it is an attempt to raise awareness to the public of storms. These names were agreed upon by the meteorogical services, met Éireann (Ireland) and met office (UK). The list will be used by both Met Éireann and Met Office.

"This scheme is focussed on large-scale, cyclonic windstorms with potential for significant land-based wind impacts – often systems which develop rapidly and/or move quickly towards us; this means that all severe wind events giving rise to status Orange or status Red weather warnings will be named."- Met Éireann website

The word storm technically means wind events with an average speed of 89 to 102 km/h. However, any event with harsh enough wind effects will be granted a name.

(All info received from the met Éireann website)

Monday 7 December 2015

Storm Desomd strikes

A hint from the title is I'm writing about storm Desmond.
Storm Desmond has hit Ireland with winds of over 100km/hr, and has left over 100 mm of water over the land.  This has caused huge damages. Devastating flooding has effected many, but mainly farmers. Many people in the west and north west of Ireland are farmers and it has affected their crops. 100mm of water fell leaving homes, businesses and farmlands covered in water.
The storm left tens of thousands without power as power lines were cut off.
The repairs from the effects of storm Desmond are expected to be millions of euros. This will have effects on everyone.

Thursday 3 December 2015

Intro to the storm

This is an intro to the storm I'm following via the news: Storm Clodagh.
I actually find it quite amazing, whilst it's also scary. I find it amazing how it starts off, water vapour to cloud. Cloud to thunderstorm. This happened when unstable air and lift mix with a cumulonimbus cloud. From that you may be asking, what creates the harsh winds? Well, it's simply air moving from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure. The smaller the distance of the pressure gradient, the stronger the winds. 
Now, back to the storm and its destruction. Today, (December 3rd) Clodagh is expected to leave thousands of homes without power. 
I find it amazing how nature can over power us sometimes. With this people won't have basic things like lights, working fridges/ freezers, etc. But worst of all... WIFI.
The worst of the storm is over now but I'm still going to write about the effects it had, until another storm pops up somewhere.